Principals: Dave Alburty, Carol Pranulis, and Andy Page

There’s a serious gap in biological detection technologies between the size of real-world environmental and clinical sample volumes and the size of sample volumes that can actually be analyzed by biological detectors.

InnovaPrep’s technologies fill that need.

InnovaPrep improves the way biological samples, especially those containing pathogenic organisms, are collected and prepared for analysis. Their patent-pending and patented technologies fill a critical void—a technological advance that is 150 years overdue.

InnovaPrep serves many fields, ranging from bioterrorism defense to food and beverage safety and quality control—but while its customers may reside in many different “markets,” they all share a common need: find and identify pathogens as rapidly and accurately as possible.

From its humble beginnings as a wild-looking lab experiment to all the many uses its scientists and engineers discovered for its technologies, InnovaPrep has made significant strides in just two short years. The company is developing and prototype testing a new product, CPT, set for market launch in December as they work on securing several new grants. An injection of funding provided by the state of Missouri through the Business Industrial Expansion low interest loan has contributed to new hires, new tooling for their manufacturing facility, and facility remodeling and expansion.