Business Development Consultant – Contractor

Joel Barrett brings a coaching/consulting and business entrepreneurship background to his role of contract business development consultant at the SBDC. He is a coach and co-instructor for ELEVATIONLAB NEW VENTURE and facilitates Entrepreneurial Mindset Program and First Steps courses.

Joel has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. He currently operates his own business, Joel Speaks Out, where he is a LGBTQ writer and speaker. He has worked in the public and private sectors as a general manager, director of marketing, business consultant and community organizer. Joel is recognized for his intuitive ability to determine the next steps for entrepreneurs. His coaching/consulting experience is influenced by his active involvement in community organizations.

He currently serves as a board member and director of programming for the Mid America LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Joel earned a master’s degree in liberal studies with a sustainability focus from Indiana University.


TECHNOLOGY Development Consultant – Contractor

Mark Calhoun has been a founder, co-founder, partner or investor in a wide variety of startups primarily focused on financial technology, retail or retail technology. In addition he has worked as a technologist or consultant in a variety of industries including banking, insurance, reinsurance, healthcare and transportation.  Mark was recently an entrepreneur in residence at nbkc bank where he worked to develop consumer banking solutions and served as an informal advisor at Fountain City Fintech accelerator. He has experience in exiting several startups as a co-founder or investor.

Mark is a graduate of NEW Venture and TECH Venture at the Missouri SBDC. He is also a previous business coaching client.



TECHNOLOGY Development Consultant – Contractor

Jannae Gammage is on a mission to shift the landscape for founders. She has received countless recognition for her continued work as an entrepreneur and founder of the award-winning company, The Market Base. An entrepreneur since age 14, Jannae has also worked as a marketing consultant for 100+ small businesses and entrepreneurs to create equitable experiences and mentorship to facilitate growth.

She loves sneakers, plants, and being an active member of the Kansas City entrepreneurial community – most recently founding The DIY Founder and an upcoming tech incubator for minorities to create a launchpad for aspiring female tech entrepreneurs in the greater Kansas City area.



Business Development Consultant – Contractor 

After David Neal worked for three 8A firms, he turned work into passion when he started working as a consultant. My goal is to help small, minority, woman and veteran owned companies sell their product or service to the federal government.

David brings this consulting background to his role of contract business development consultant at the SBDC. He is a coach for GROWTH360.

As an adventurer at heart, he is a scuba diver, bike rider, runner and cruise enthusiast. He brings this same excitement to his ability to help clients grow their businesses. David enjoys his time with family and attended Bethel College in North Newton, KS.