Principals: Christina Scott and Kevin Neighley

Not many people can say they’ve washed more than a quarter million cars, in under a minute each, with a microfiber-chamois shammy that’s not much larger than a sheet of paper.

Christina Scott and Kevin Neighley have. They are the co-inventors and founders of Shamerrific, an innovative line of cleaning products that allows consumers to clean, wash, and dry any surface in one step.

Scott and Neighley have been in the car cleaning business since 2001. In 2008, with the impetus of the Clean Water Act, they started looking for a way to replace the compound water system they were using with an eco-friendly solution that would also help them differentiate their business. Soap and chemicals were costly and often environmentally unfriendly. Traditional chamois left streaks and water spots.

They invented Shamerrific, a microfiber-synthetic chamois blend that allowed them to clean with just water. They started the patent process in 2008 and officially launched the company in 2010.

Currently, they market Shamerrific to the automotive industry: car washes, detailers, and consumers who wash their cars at home or in a self-serve car wash. However, due to varied patent-pending products, they hope to expand their market to the wider cleaning industry.