Principals: Ivan E. Brown, Ph.D. and Janet Greene Brown

Matrix Medical solves old medical problems with new ideas.

Its product line comprises a variety of sports medicine devices that help patients return to normal activities after surgery or injury. From tennis elbow braces to ankle wraps to wound protection, Matrix Medical’s product line treats every joint in the body and most musculoskeletal conditions, from sprains and strains to fractures.

The company distributes its line of 115 medical products to a national market of orthopedists, pain relief practitioners, wound care specialists, and retailers. More than 100 of those products are manufactured by Brown Medical Industries, a strategic partner of Matrix Medical with a common ownership. None of these products is considered a standard supply item in clinics, hospitals, and retail chains. They are unique and require highly specialized selling skills to build a national market.

Matrix Medical has been able create that market. It sells more than 90 percent of its products outside Missouri—and in 2010, sales grew by 139 percent over the previous year.

Established in 2005 with less than $100,000 in sales and two employees, Matrix Medical now employs eight people with sales approaching $3 million. During its first 5 years in business, Matrix Medical upgraded its initial office space of 1,500 square feet to today’s 6,500 square foot offices at One Main Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.