Principal: Lisa Lala

Pay off parking tickets. Start a family charitable foundation. Stop biting my nails. Die on my own terms. Download better music. These, and thousands more, are the scribbled goals that make up Lisa Lala’s List Wall Project.

Originating in Kansas City in 2009, the List Wall Project is a grassroots drivenconceptual art installation that invites the public to submit anonymous, handwritten lists of their goals. It has toured nationally since February of 2010, chronicling in small sticky notes what people from all walks of life want to accomplish and offering a very human glimpse of what is on the hearts and minds of our communities.

While there are no direct sales from this project, the project has pushed people to commit and complete their goals—and has brought people into the galleries it inhabits. The first gallery that showcased the list, the Blue Gallery in Kansas City, nearly tripled its foot traffic and saw its best February for sales in 10 years of business.

Lala founded her own studio in 2004. Since then, she’s exhibited her work locally at the Plaza Art Fair and Blue Gallery and nationally at Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Kansas; Marion Meyer Gallery in California; Pryor Fine Art in Georgia; and the Soapbox and the Krause Galleries, both in New York.