Principal: Jane Gotch 

What if what people really wanted was not a spectacle but an intimate human connection? That’s the motivation behind Jane Gotch’s art—and the question behind WE!, an innovative, collaborative installation dance performance staged in an abandoned downtown office space formerly occupied by AT&T.

WE! took 40 audience members out of their seats and close proximity with its performers. In small groups, the performance led the audience through a multiroom visual environment created by an award-winning team of Kansas City’s leading dance, visual, lighting, and sound designers. The performers’ breath, sweat, body heat, direct eye contact, and even touch was palpable.

The WE! project was funded by a Rocket Grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the arts in partnership with the Charlotte Street Foundation and the Spencer Museum of Art. WE! also received an Inspiration Grant from the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City. During its performances, WE! raised more than $10,000 in local and regional private donations, over doubling the funds awarded through the grants.

Gotch is currently in the beginning stages of a new project, PORCHES. Scheduled to open in the summer of 2013, this is a site-specific, community touring performance, inspired by Kansas City’s front porches.