Principals: Denise Moser, Robert Casper, Rudy Valenzuela, and Troy Lentz

One dashboard to rule them all.

That’s the mission behind MiMod®, EV Instruments’ flexible and customizable digital dashboard for electric and high performance vehicles.

Through its touchscreen, MiMod allows drivers of electric cars to monitor the vehicle’s s battery, speed, odometer, and navigation. It also allows the driver to operate accessories on the vehicle including lighting, door locks, wipers, and other devices.

The MiMod® System consists of a sensor board, a micro ITX PC, automotive grade wiring and connectors, touchscreen or “ahead of driver” monitors, and proprietary software code. The MiMod Sensor Board converts analog signals from the vehicle’s batteries, BMS, and devices into digital signals and delivers them to a microcomputer. Through a driver-controlled touchscreen, MiMod® can turn on/off any relay connected to any device in a vehicle.

Launched in 2009, EV Instruments has discovered a rapidly developing niche market for its product in commercial electric trucks and vehicles. Fleet operators like UPS, FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service, Frito Lay and others, operate thousands of delivery vehicles and are sourcing EV and hybrid vehicles to comply with state and federal emissions mandates. MiMod® offers a highly adaptable human machine interface for vehicle manufacturers building the vehicles for these fleets.

In addition, EV Instruments has a contract to build MiMod into electric taxi cabs operating in Mexico City and China.