Principals: Brenda Craig

Companies typically scatter their safety data, training, and compliance across computer files, paper documents, spreadsheets, and accounting programs—neither an effective nor an efficient solution.

Craig Safety Technologies integrates all areas of compliance and risk management into a simple, cloud-based software solution, its Compliance Safety Manager™ (CSM). With this software, companies can streamline their processes, optimize information, provide business intelligence, store and manage their documents, and track all four regulatory agencies—OSHA, DOT, EPA, and MSHA. All of this lets those organizations run more smoothly, prevent accidents with scheduled training and maintenance of assets, and increase bottom-line savings with the ability to cut out redundancies.

Craig Safety Technologies™ has been in business since 1998. From 1998 to 2006, it grew its revenue close to $1 million. In 2006, it sold its consulting services division, which consisted for more than 300 companies, so it could focus its efforts on providing  companies with a web-based solution to safety compliance and risk management.

Since 2010, Craig Safety Technologies has added six employees and grown its revenue by 50 percent.