Principals: Chris and Kyle Dahlquist

Chris Dahlquist learned to use a camera and develop pictures as she was learning to ride a bicycle and write in cursive. Her school years were spent doing science fair projects where she’d test the photographic medium, learning the rules just so she could break them.

All innovation, she believes, begins with the crucial step of challenging a commonly held belief—whether that’s stretching the confines of the photographic print or mentioning “art” and “business” in the same sentence. Like the landscapes she photographs, her work comprises subtle layers. She discovered a process to treat nontraditional surfaces, including the nonporous surface of metal, so that they can receive archival pigment inks printed from an ink jet printer. She then prints her photographs on steel, manipulating each piece of metal independently to ensure that each piece is original.

She then takes her artwork directly to the public, often bypassing the institution of galleries and dealers to reach an audience beyond those walls. Selling her work at art fairs from Oregon to Florida has allowed her to increase her exposure, her audience, and her market demand. Despite the economic climate of the last couple of years, Dahlquist has continually increased sales each year.