Principals: Dr. David Brown, Michael Jackson, and David Orwick

Sixty percent of infertility in couples is due to male infertility issues, yet historically, fertility treatments have focused on women, causing disruptive time-consuming and expensive treatments.

AndroJek is working to solve that with innovative screening and diagnostics for male infertility.

Its world-patented Male Reproductive Healthsm Panel allows AndroJek scientists to determine the best treatment paths to optimize live birth outcomes. Androjek’s tests reveal critical elements of DNA integrity, oxidative stress, and toxicant damage that render human and animal males infertile. Its tests can identify up to 47 percent of the causes and dynamics of these male infertility issues.

Formed in 2008, AndroJek centers its technologies on the work of Dr. David Brown, an award-winning molecular and reproductive biologist. His male fertility assays are poised to become the premier male-factor tests in reproductive medicine. AndroJek is currently working with medical doctors and Ph.D. clients in reproductive endocrinology and urology.

In 2011, with the help of UMKC’s SBTDC, AndroJek focused on raising capital and finding a site for its lab. Its world headquarters is now located in the Independence Ennovation Center, and it has received funding from the Missouri Technology Corporation and Lead Capital that will help the company expand its operation overseas.